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Milenkiy’s works were exhibited at:

  • 2020 Honorable Mention in Portrait categoryMonovisions Awards (London)

  • 2016 Winner of competition "The best of Russia-2015" Nomination - Style, Center for contemporary art Vinzavod, Moscow, Perm, Novosibirsk

  • 2016 "The Portraits of Happy People", Zdes na Taganke gallery, Moscow

  • 2015 Andrey Bartenev' Factory, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

  • 2014 Gioconda Project "W3 Gallery" (London)

  • 2012 IV Illustration Festival «Ready-to-use», Krasnoyarskiy Museum

  • 2010 "Tsve-TY" ("Flow-U.R.") personal project-association, The central house of the journalist

  • 2009 "Free Wi-Fi": Internet as Visual Impact Industry 3rd Annual Illustration Festival Moscow Museum of Modern Art

  • 2007-2008 Illustration festival "Institut Ulybki" ("The Smile Institute"). The Moscow Museum of Modern Art

  • 2007 The exhibition of glossy magazine illustrators "Lyubi Kutyur" ("Love Couture"), “Zurab” Gallery, and the State Museum of St. Petersburg’s History

  • 2007 "Inspired by Paul Smith" together with Andrey Bartenev, Arseniy Vlasov, Konstantin Gaidai, Julia Bochkina and others, “Gallery” Cafe, Moscow

  • 2007 "Igry Razuma" ("Mind Games") exhibition, Eugene Milenkiy & Vita Elenberg, “Sorry Babushka” Cafe

Milenkiy took part in the art projects: SvetoizMINItelnaya skulptura (A.Bartenev’s project), Garpastum (E.Lavrukhina’s project), Madonna in art and Glamorama (joint projects of the art-café “Gallery” and P.Aksenov), Don Story. Art&House (a joint project of the art-café “Gallery”, P.Aksenov and A.Bartenev), Crowned London (a project of the art-café “Gallery”).

Eugene Milenkiy has been collaborating with such artists as Andrey Bartenev, Petr Aksenov, Vika Smolyanitskaya, Natalia Schastlivaya, Evfrosina Lavrukhina, Anton Lange, Vladimir Glynin, Renata Litvinova, Ilona Stolye, Vladimir Mishukov, Igor Ponomarev, Sergey Kovalenko, with the art-café Gallery, Prado-Café, Ginza project, My Kadril (all foto & graphic).



One of the most eye-catching projects of Eugene’s is the associative project "Tsve-TY" ("Flow-U.R."). Pictures as mirrors of the consciousness. Pictures as states of the soul. Everyone perceives them in his own way, establishing a unique, personal connection with the whole project or individual works. The whirlpool of colors and fanciful images catches the observer and throws out at the other side of reality.

Spread your arms wide apart or, on the contrary, put them both together. That’s the way the author wants Holland to be perceived. Choose your way of submersion and plunge into the freedom of color, movement, thought, and emotion.

The Bud of Passion is perceived best in a dim cozy room together with someone who is close to you. No words are needed. Stay in silence and feel the fiery bud blaze up inside you into a flame of passion.

A strange sensual longing envelops everyone whose gaze is caught by The Bud of Lust. You feel a haze of secret passions thickening around you, wrapping you from head to toes. All you can to do is succumb to the temptation.

The calmly blue Bud of Disappointment will sweep you over in a wave of freshness, as if covering you with a velvety blanket.

The rational vision of the world gives way. The borderlines of reality swirl and disappear in eternity. Earth slips from under your feet. And everything is suddenly possible for the one who is looking at The Bud of Dream.

The flowers against the background of the rapidly thickening storm-clouds in The Disturbing Beauty warn about a danger. This time beauty won’t save the world but will only emphasize the inevitable doom. The expectation of a tragedy is almost tangible here.

Opium is best viewed in a relaxed and euphoric state. Some people need some kind of a booster for that but others only have to let their own thoughts fly. But don’t forget that opium is tricky. It makes things look not what they really are.




II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2010